Thursday, June 26, 2008

Friend's Photos of the Buffalo Ridge

My friend, Randy Bannick shared these photos he took while driving through the Buffalo Ridge area in Southwestern Minnesota a couple of weeks ago. They are great shots and thought I'd share them here.

Hobie Gets Groomed

We have to remember are other dependents too. I took Hobie, our alaskan husky to the groomer for a well-needed grooming last week. He came back looking and feeling great. The groomer said it was 'like a fog' with all the hair floating around while he was being combed.

Addison's attends baseball game

Addison attended her first baseball games this past week and watched her second cousins play. She was a fan (and player) favorite!

Terri Wins Baby Pool!

Terri Hawkinson was the lucky winner of the baby board! How did she do it you ask? She bought the earliest square on the board - June 3rd on both genders - to ensure that if our baby came early, she would win. Well, she did, as Addison Lynn came four weeks early! Mike, Jen and Addison visited Terri at work with our own 'prize patrol' and gave her the proceeds. There was a total of $330 collected, which Terri received 50% of the proceeds - $165! The remaining $165 will go toward Addison's college fund. Thanks to all who contributed and played!

June Visitors!

We had several visitors in June. Here are some photos!

Shower Fun!

Aunt Amanda and Grandma Judy hosted a shower for Addison in June. Here are some photos of the event. Thanks to everyone who visited and gave great gifts for her!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Four Generations!

While visiting Addison's maternal great-grandmother Lillian Moen, we snapped this special photo to commemorate four generations on the Moen side. Left to right is Jen, Lillian, Addison and Judy. Congratulations on four generations!

Lillian is a proud great grandmother!

To grandmother's house we go!

While we were out and about making surprise visits on Saturday, we made a surprise visit to Grandma Cihak's house in Barnesville. She enjoyed our visit!

Heading to the Lake!

On the way home from dad's, we stopped by Ten Mile lake on the way back to Morris to visit some of Addison's cousins.

Second cousin Brady Jergenson was all smiles holding Addison at the cabin.

Future babysitters cousin Penny and Keith!

Grandpa John meets Addison over the weekend

Mike, Jen and Addison got into the car over the weekend and visited Grandpa John, where he got to meet Addison for the first time. Dad resides at the Fergus Falls Veteran's Home. He already had a few pictures of Addison hanging in his room - thanks to Aunt Lynn and Uncle Ted! Dad enjoyed our surprise visit.

Addison is welcomed at three weeks old!

Addison hit three weeks old on Monday, June 9th. She welcomed many visitors during the week. She appreciates all the hugs and really enjoys getting held!

Jean Spohr visited Addison!

Sue Gooch visited Addison and brought a blanket she made just for her! As you can see, Addison took to the blanket and likes it very well! Thanks Sue!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Baby shower planned for Addison in Morris

A baby shower is being planned for Addison on Saturday, June 14th at the Morris Senior Citizens Center. Dad doesn't know the exact time, but Dad does know that Addison is registered at! Just put in Mom's first and last name 'Jen Cihak' and the month of 'June' and you should see the things that Addison (and mom and dad) would find useful.

New visitors in June!

The Eystad family visited on Saturday and they thought Addison was so cute. Left to right: Cierra, Mariah and Kiana.

Joyce Van Eps also got to meet Miss Addison.

Addison Hits Six Pounds!

Stevens County Public Health visited and welcomed Addison into the Morris community. They weighed her and she tipped the scales at 6.00 lbs.!