Saturday, November 01, 2008

Farewell to our Pastor, Sarah and Kerena

Our pastor Luther was called to Springfield, MN and we attended his farewell party for him, his wife Sarah and their daughter Kerena.

Addison's first Halloween

Addison enjoyed her first Halloween by going trick-or-treating. She didn't quite enjoy her peapod costume because she is getting quite long and her poor toes were getting curled. Nonetheless, she had a great time.

With aunt Delores.

Getting a kiss and tons of treats.

With Annette.

Halloween 2008

Jen and I went as Dog the Bounty Hunter and Beth. We went with a group of friends and hit the contests - we won 1st place at the Eagles Club. Along the way, we collected some bail jumpers.

However, not everything is easy for Dog and getting his bounties.