Thursday, October 09, 2008

Hobie & Maya say bye to Sheeba

Our neighbor from the apartment next door and her dog Sheeba moved to the cities last week. Sheeba, a husky/rotweiler mix, liked coming over and laying near the kennel to keep our dogs company or to keep them barking at night. The pix are from Sheeba's last day in Morris. Bye Sheeba!

Sheeba laying out in the sun before her move.

Hobie says 'bye!' :-[

Maya says 'Hey, take me with you!!!'

Jen and Addison heading to work ... and daycare

You can guess which one is going where. Jen and Addison were all smiles this morning.

Addison photo update!

Addison has been busy growing. She is now four-and-a-half months old about now, and she enjoys hanging out with us, on the floor watching things and smiling. She is now beginning to eat solid food. Mom won't let Dad feed her a steak anytime soon.